Social Responsibility

Taking actions that benefit the society, taking into consideration the economy, education, environment, health, transport, housing, local activities and government. These actions optimize or create social programs, bringing mutual benefit between the company and the community, improving life quality of employees as well as our actions and the population.

This is the ethical and transparent management that we have in our organization with its stakeholders in order to minimize their negative impacts on the environment and the community. To be ethical and transparent, means to know and consider its stakeholders, aiming at a dialogue channel.

An organization focused at sustainable development planning our business in a multidimensional horizon, which encompasses and assures civil rights, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental, as each one does its part and obtains a solidary economy.



Foto: Dmitry Berkut


Foto: Dmitry Berkut


Foto: Pal Teravagimov